Conference: Communicating Evidence for Sustainable Development

The conference aims to seek clarity in the role that communication can play in generating and using evidence for sustainable development. How can evidence generated by research, monitoring and evaluation, dialogue, et cetera be better used to influence decision making and transformational change? What are other factors at play when influencing transformational change processes and how can we deal with this? What role can communication play in all of these processes? And what does this mean for you as a development professional?

Key conference questions

  • What do we understand by ‚Äòevidence'?
  • What are challenges and opportunities in the generation and use of evidence to influence sustainable development?
  • What role can communication play in transformational change processes in general and in the generation and use of evidence for sustainable development specifically?

Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers who will set the scene for the conference:

  • Noelle Aarts: Professor of Socio-ecological Interactions, Radboud University Faculty of Sciences. The most inspiring communication Prof in the Netherlands (2017).
  • Irene de Goede: Global Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Advisor at Oxfam Novib. Irene will share key ideas from the ‚ÄòEvidence for Influencing' conference (#OxfamEvid), organised in October 2017.

Full details can be found on the event webpage.